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AAFES New Avengers #9 - Hero Exchange

(indicia - AAFES 9th Edition; June 2010)

Writers - Chris Eliopoulis & Joe Caramagna

Art - Scott Koblish, Clayton Henry & Ramon Perez

Colorist - Sotocolor

Letterer - Dave Sharpe

Cover - Clayton Henry & Chris Sotomayor

Project Managers - Jon-Michael Ennis & AJ Fierro

Assistant Editor - Michael Horwitz

Editor - Nathan Cosby

Editor in Chief - Joe Quesada

Publisher - Dan Buckley

- Review

After a really good run of stories forming a loose, internal continuity within the Specials themselves, as well as not generally straying too far from the main Marvel continuity, I was excited to see the latest issue.  The cover confused me, though, as it clearly shows Steve Rogers as Captain America after Bucky has carried the shield for the two previous issues.  The issue itself also proved confusing.

It appears as though any attempt at continuity, even just internally within the Specials, was thrown out the window for this issue.  Cap (Rogers), Iron Man (in his current armor design) and Thor (in his original Kirby-designed duds) square off in a decent battle scene with Ultron and Juggernaut.  They are then informed that Fin Fang Foom has escaped his captivity in another dimension.  They hitch a ride on a military plane to face Foom, but we never see this.  Instead, during their flight, our heroes, and us readers, are treated to a - well researched and well intentioned - history lesson on AAFES.  During the lesson we get a flashback to WWII as Cap and Bucky take on Baron Zemo in a brief skirmish, but that is the last of the action.  The story ends as the trio of Avengers leap from the plane to face (the unseen) Fin Fang Foom.  Maybe the whole issue is a big flashback, and maybe we'll see them face Foom in the next issue.  Or maybe it's a reference to an event I don't remember.  Or maybe it's just a throw away tale.  Maybe we'll never know, but it sure is confusing for those of us who have followed the series.

This issue takes us back to #2's downfall of being an AAFES educational piece more than a super hero story.  It's a free book, distributed through AAFES, so I suppose I can't really complain.  It is quite a let-down after the long string of successful stories this series has featured, however. 



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