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- #4 - Letters Home


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AAFES New Avengers #4 - Letters Home

(indicia: AAFES 4th Edition; January 2007)

Writer - Stuart Moore

Art (Cover, Pages 1-3, 22 [Captain America]) - Dave Ross (Pencils), Pat Davidson (Inks), Pete Pantazis (Colors)

Art (Pages 4-8 [Ghost Rider]) - Amelia Woo

Art (Pages 9-13 [Silver Surfer]) - Carlo Barberi (Pencils), Rick Ketcham (Inks), Pete Pantazis (Colors)

Art (Pages 14-21 [The Punisher]) - John Stanisci (Pencils), Scott Koblish (Inks), Sotocolor's A. Street (Colors)

Letterer - VC's Joe Caramagna

Editor - Nicole Boose

Editor in Chief - Joe Quesada

Publisher - Dan Buckley

- Review
This is an interesting teaming of heroes. Cap is the sole Avenger, as the rest of the team is spending the holidays with loved ones. Hydra has taken over a military sattelite. Besides having a weapons system, the sattelite is also used for Soldiers and their loved ones to send e-mails to and from overseas. To stop Hydra from using the weapon, and make sure the Soldiers e-mails get through, Cap has to enlist the help of the Silver Surfer (in FF2 this summer), Ghost Rider (movie in theaters soon), and the Punisher. While this may sound as corny as #2, it is actually not, and the way the story is told is terriffic. It is actually narrated by 3 of the individual heroes 'letters home.' Each character's sub-plot is handled by a different artist in this one, and they actually mesh pretty well when you put it all together. Overall, I think I would pick this one as my favorite so far. I hope Marvel continues this project and I, for one, really appreciate and enjoy it.


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