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- #3 - Time Trouble

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AAFES New Avengers #3 - Time Trouble

(indicia: AAFES 3rd Edition; April 2006)

Writer - Robert Kirkman

Art - UDON

Pencils - Scott Hepburn & Alex Chung

Inks - M3th & Alan Tam

Colors - Rob Ruffolo

UDON Chief - Erik Ko

Letters - VC's Joe Caramagna

Editor - Nicole Boose

Editor in Chief - Joe Quesada

Publisher - Dan Buckley

Cover Art - Alex Chung (pencils), Rob Ross (inks) & Rob Ruffolo (colors)

- Review
With one winner and one loser so far, I wasn't sure what to expect with #3. This time guest starring the X-Men (X3 was on it's way to theaters), I liked this one even better than the first. Spider-Man returns to Avengers Tower to find the team gone and the place trashed. It seems Kang had controlled the X-Men and sent them to attack the Avengers. When that plot failed, Kang went back in time. The Avengers and X-Men followed him back, where he is attempting to kill Captain America before he ever gets frozen. Kang's theory is, no Cap, no Avengers, thereby making it easy for him to conquer the future earth. This one has alot of action, something the first two lacked somewhat. Great art and an interesting story for an all around great read.


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