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- #2 - Pot of Gold

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AAFES New Avengers #2 - Pot of Gold (w/Fantastic Four)

(indicia: New Avengers: Pot of Gold [AAFES 110th Anniversary Issue]; October 2005)

Writer - Paul Jenkins

Pencil Breakdowns - Graham Nolan

Finished Art - Tom Palmer

Colorist - Chris Sotomayor

Letterer - VC's Rus Wooton

Assistant Editor - Nicole Wiley

Editor - Tom DeFalco

Editor in Chief - Joe Quesada

Publisher - Dan Buckley

Cover Art - Graham Nolan, Tom Palmer & Chris Sotomayor

- Review
After the quality story of the first one, I was anxious to read the second when I saw it. This one, I must say, was a disappointment. The Fantastic Four are back (the DVD was about to come out), but not really neccessary this time. Captain America sends the team, and other heroes, on a goodwill mission to visit the troops around the world and deliver supplies. There is a funny sub-plot with a couple heroes giving the Sentry wrong directions. Meanwhile, the Kingpin has hired some crazy Soviet reject from the Cold War (the character is never named in the comic, but the press release dubbed him "The Disruptor") to break into AAFES vault and steal their millions. But the Soviet guy is just a ruse, because all the banking is done electronically. This plot just had me rolling my eyes. It was too silly for me, even in an AAFES give-away book. The art is still very good, though.


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